Inundated, Now Live

Remote Navigation: A Visual Podcast engineered~by~kaj

Season 1 Episode 2 with with Carla Perez

Online Exhibition curated by BFA student Dixie Law

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All artwork depicted or otherwise represented on this site is the original work of the attributed artist. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist and are considered on loan. All artwork here may not be reproduced by any process without the express written consent of its creator and/or owner.

Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Statement

The Parsons Fine Arts Program is dedicated to a learning environment that reflects the diversity of gender, nationality, race, and sexuality of our students and of society at large. We seek to reveal, decolonize, and challenge the structures, canons, hierarchies, and bias that still structure academia and the artworld. 

Specifically, 25 East Gallery commits itself to:

  • Gallery shows that are conceived of, designed, and curated by currents students in the Fine Arts Program at Parsons. 
  • the process of unlearning, collaborative experimentation, and a continual rethinking of what art is, and what art can do.
  • ensuring that the viewpoints presented here are representative of the interests, concerns, and backgrounds of our students and that the artists and writers drawn upon, represented, or used as context on this site reflect the diversity of gender, nationality, race, and sexuality of our student body and society at large.
  • being an environment that prioritizes the inclusion of Black and Indigenous authors and artists and fosters critical discussion around their work.
  • extending our historical and contemporary art references beyond the Euro-American Canon. 
  • presenting a diverse range of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ content, inclusive of work that is not solely contextualized by one’s identity, minority status, or otherness
  • Providing a space for productive critique, including constructive forms of institutional critique as a way to empower marginalized voices in our institution(s)

Originally a white box space on the top floor of our building at 25 East 13th Street in NYC, 25 East Gallery is an experimental curatorial space for The Fine Arts program at the New School’s Parsons School of Design. All shows are conceived of, designed, and curated by program MFA and BFA students and primarily feature works created by students currently enrolled at The New School. 

While our brick and mortar gallery is currently closed to the public, we are excited to extend our presence online. It is our hope that our gallery will continue to be a unique space for our students to display, discuss, inspire, and support the production of artwork that continues to challenge and change the face of contemporary art. 

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Parsons Fine Arts offers an exciting immersion in the world of contemporary art. Our goal is to familiarize students with the means, the context and the interpretation of art through intensive instruction in the manifold techniques that contemporary creators have at their disposal.

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